Monday, January 3, 2011

Work Summary and Build Instructions.

The past few months have been unseasonably busy. As a result, I've been relying increasingly on SVN to document my work.

Using the command
svn diff --revision 110:114
I generated this document, a diff summarizing all changes made over the past two months. The changes fix many bugs and includes additional language packs and programs at the request of our contacts at the Haitian Coalition.

For the record, the files for the project can be found at
Running "svn co" will mirror the folder to the local drive.

Building an image of One2One2Go can be done easily on any Ubuntu machine as follows:
  1. run "svn co" to mirror the build scripts to the folder "build-scripts" on a local machine.
  2. move to that directory and run "" to download the upstream images from the Open1to1 Project.
  3. extract the archive, giving you open1to1-asus1005ha-10.08.v02.fsa and open1to1-asus1005ha-10.08.v02.f01. this can be done with the command "unzip"
  4. install "fsarchiver," the tool needed to extract those images. this can be done with the command "sudo apt-get install fsarchiver"
  5. insuring that you have at least 20gb of free disk space, run the following command: "sudo ./; sudo ./" this will create a virtual disk, mount it as a loopback, extract the open1to1 disk image to it, chroot into the virtual disk, modify it extensively, and package it as an ISO. this will take at least two or three hours to run, and will require an internet connection.