Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Made tons of progress yesterday.

The Main Stick Image

  • now boots fully on the Haitian Coalition machines with wonky graphic cards
  • doesn't block login on consoles 1-6
  • shutsdown cleanly
  • doesn't probe the floppy drive on boot
All of these changes were made by modifying the initrd.gz image, except for the graphics issue, which was resolved by disabling 3d hardware acceleration.

I'll be posting the casper hacks I made to the comments section of this blog in the next few days.

The Fastswitch Image
  • needs work, but progress is no longer being blocked by the above

    The Boothelper Image
    • no longer requires userinput to boot, this eliminating any need for USB keyboards to work 

    • was proof-of-concept'ed yesterday as I programatically installed dropbox on a One2One2Go drive with the sync directory set to /home

    Keep an eye out for an ISO containing the main-image fixes in the next few days!

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