Sunday, July 4, 2010

Delayed Introduction

This blog was created to chronicle my work with SugarLabs on an Ubuntu-Sugar Remix.

The posts are being amalgamated as I transcribe my by-the-monitor notes and merge them with the handful of textfiles in my /home/it/USR folder.

Over the past month or so, I've been working with dfarning, lfaraone, and Caroline Meeks, in addition to a team of programmers from the Indian SEETA, to rebase Sugar, the graphical interface and top-level software best known via its use on the OLPC project's XO-1, onto the Ubuntu Linux distro.

The goal of this project is a bootable thumbdrive providing the 'meat' of the One Laptop Per Child education project in a hardware-independent manner. Flash drives are cheaper, more readily distributable, and, in the first world, much more compatible with existent educational paradigms. Most modern schools have computer labs featuring hardware enough for a classroom of students at a time and many children have computers readily accessible at home. The constant presence of computers more powerful than the XO laptop in the lives of 1st world children slightly invalidates the need for a separate 1-to-1 computing paradigm. A 1-to-1 stick paradigm, however, can be implemented successfully for 5% of the cost.

Luke has been working under David, primarily focusing on packaging of Sugar activities for Debian & Ubuntu.
SEETA has been squashing bugs left and right and tackling testing.
David has been working on customization of a bootable Ubuntu image for out-of-box use with Sugar.
I've been working on taking David's customized image and turning it into a persistent bootable USB stick.

Upcoming posts will provide greater detail about my efforts.

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