Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Progress! [A Visual Guide]

Just in time for Wednesday's FOSSed conference, everything is running awesomely.
I wrote a BASH script which turns a customized ISO image and a 2GB flash drive into SoaS, USR-style.

  • the good news: most things work
  • the bad: some important things don't

Check it out.
This is the "neighborhood" view, as seen on my laptop.
It successfully connected to a WPA2 WiFi network and to a Jabber Server, out-of-the-box.

Yep, the whole thing is actually running on a flash drive.
I've been developing with 2GB drives from MicroCenter. 
Speed is a little lacking, but nothing overt. Also, these guys are CHEAP!($6/ea)

Yep! Activities work too! Here's the ever-popular "Speak" activity.

When I said some important things weren't working, this is what I was talking about.
"Write failed to start"

This bug also affected "Read" - two of the most important activities, hands down.

I'm betting that the issues here are connected to packaging - both Read and Write depend upon external programs and libraries. There're kinks to be worked out as we rebase from the Fedora versions to the Ubuntu versions.

In summary: We're close. It runs stably, but not flawlessly. Working closer with dfarning on customization and with the SEETA crew to tackle bugs will bring quick progress and a polished product in no-time flat.

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