Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FOSSed - Day .5 Reflections & Update

It's lunch break at FOSSed, a conference in Bethel, Maine, addressing Free-and-Open-Source-Software solutions for education. 

The morning breakout I attended was an in-depth look into the Open 1-to-1( project. 

Open 1-to-1 is an answer to the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, a program running since 2002 which put Mac laptops into the hands of 7th and 8th graders across the state of Maine. MLTI serves as an excellent example of technology implemented in the classroom.

Open 1-to-1 is a framework for using Linux in an educational setting from grades 7-12. Using a customized version of Ubuntu Netbook-Remix(UNR) and affordable Asus netbooks, Open 1-to-1 has provided an affordable means for many highschools to implement 1-to-1 computing across Maine and across the world.

I recently installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my second-hand HP Mini 1000 Netbook. After a little bit of struggling with Broadcomm drivers, it works fine and has proved to be a very convenient tool

My "Favorites" view. Note Chrome, Qalculate, Sugar, and TweetDeck.

My "Home" view on Sugar on Ubuntu Netbook Remix.
Everything here but Turtle-Art-For-Arduino and Read works!

Yes, Write works. I fixed it. 
Write was broken because of an Ubuntu dependency screwup with python-abiword.
Editing control.tar.gz/control and recreating the Debian package solved the issue.

Including Sugar with O121 will expand the target audience down into the K-6 grade level. O121 will serve as a customizable base for education all the way from Kindergarten up through 12th grade. That's cool.

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  1. Looking forward to various Sugar fixs and inclusion with 0121. I tried to install 0121 via the USB ... it removed my harddisk partition before I realised what it was doing. Can it just run on a USB stick?